Dear Penn Healthcare Colleagues, Friends, Leaders, and Heroes

April 9, 2020

Dear Penn healthcare colleagues, friends, leaders, and heroes,

On April 8, I joined with university leaders from around the world to discuss our preparation and response to the coronavirus pandemic. From Singapore to Seattle, South Africa to Switzerland, the presidents of major global universities virtually met via Zoom.

I had been asked to share the lessons we’ve learned at the University of Pennsylvania. I spoke about our making tough decisions ahead of the curve, about what our great academic medical system is doing to protect public health, and about our working collaboratively as a leadership team in the time of COVID‐19.

In short, I talked a lot about Penn Medicine. I talked about you.

Just like me, the world looks to your example. The everyday courage and stamina you show under intense pressure, the lives you save, and your unwavering commitment to clinical care, research, and education. Having exchanged leadership lessons and “war stories” with peers worldwide, I know for a fact that nobody in the world does it better than Penn Medicine.

That’s why the whole world is cheering you on: from Joel Embiid, Josh Harris, and David Blitzer from the Sixers, to Lizzo and Jeffrey Lurie, to all the grateful patients and families, to communities and nations who are rising and sending precious PPE in support of our mission, the most important mission of our times. In this time of COVID‐19–and at all times!—you are the healthcare heroes and leaders we need.


From the bottom of my heart, on behalf of Penn, thank you!

Amy Gutmann

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