Message from Residential Services

March 12, 2020

Dear Campus Residents,


Residential Services understands that you have questions concerning the University’s recent announcement on actions being taken in regards to the unprecedented health emergency related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is a rapidly evolving situation, and we appreciate your patience as we work to provide you with information.


Please consult the instructions below for information specific to your situation.


Residents living in the College Houses, Sansom Place, or University Recognized Greek Organizations who left campus for Spring Break:

Per the University’s email of March 11, students who are currently out of town should not return to campus. Penn Residential Services, working with University partners such as the Division of Public Safety and the College Houses, will secure your belongings. Once it becomes safe for you to return to campus to retrieve your possessions, the University will contact you with instructions. Please know that the University has implemented these measures in response to significant and critical public health concerns.

In communicating this policy, we recognize that there are items that you may deem to be of particular importance (e.g. laptops, course materials, and personal effects). Although there are currently no options for you to retrieve such property, if you feel you have an emergency situation that requires an urgent response, email with the following in the subject line: Retrieval followed by the name of the College House in which you are living. In the body of the email, include an explanation of the item you require and the extenuating circumstances.

As a reminder, the University’s security policies do not allow parents, family, friends, or other guests to enter the College Houses on behalf of their students.


Residents who remained on campus during Spring Break:

If you remained on campus during Spring Break, you are required to move out of your College House, Sansom Place, or University Recognized Greek Organizations by 8 pm on Sunday, March 15th.  Residential Services staff will be available to assist with check out, provide carts, and answer questions about other moving-related needs. Parents, friends, guests, and others may assist you during Move-Out but you will need to be available to sign them into your College House. After 8 pm on Sunday, you will no longer be able to access your room or your residential building. Additional information about the Move-Out process will be available at your College House Information Center.


Residents who must remain on campus:

We understand that some of you are unable to travel home for personal reasons or because you live in an area that is under travel restrictions. With that in mind, we are requiring anyone who feels they need to remain on campus for the rest of the semester to fill out a short application. You can access the application at You must complete the form by noon on March 13, 2020. We will respond to your request within 24 hours.

When you are approved to remain on campus, Residential Services will provide you with additional information relative to the operation of the College Houses during this period. Security will remain in place and dining facilities will remain open, but on a more limited basis.


Additional Information:

With respect to a refund of University College House housing and dining fees paid this semester, the University expects to issue a partial refund or offer a credit for future housing or dining plan. An application process will be announced later this semester. We appreciate your patience as we develop the process and guidelines.

We recognize that you may have other questions related to your housing and dining. We encourage you to visit the University Coronavirus Website for updates. You may also contact us at, but please understand we are already receiving a large number of emails and ask that unless you have an urgent need, to be patient and wait for upcoming announcements.

Thank you for your patience as we respond to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.