Thank you, Penn Medicine

March 30, 2020

In recent days I have heard from countless people across our University and our region, describing the gratitude and awe that has filled them as they witness the courage, commitment, and compassion—in addition to an inspiring range of professional expertise—that are being displayed every hour of every day by the team at Penn Medicine. I write to you on behalf of this University and our entire community to say thank you.

Never before has your job been more challenging, nor more critical to the health and lives of the people of Philadelphia and beyond. You are personally sacrificing to serve patients and to staunch this pandemic. Your brave actions, exercised under exceptional circumstances, fill me with pride and profound respect for your professionalism. Hemingway described courage as grace under pressure. That grace is on vivid display in every corner of the PennMedicine enterprise.

Those of you on the frontline of this pandemic are not at home. You are not sheltering in place. Instead, you go out every day to confront this pervasive disease and to save lives. Words cannot describe the gratitude that we all feel, knowing that you are there to protect us, to care for us, to see us through this historic health crisis. My profound thanks and commitment of support to all of you. You are our heroes.


Amy Gutmann, Penn President