COVID-19 & Wellness

COVID-19 and Wellness Resources at Penn

The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful for all—physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's important to make sure you are taking care of yourself while coping with the challenges of this pandemic. 

  • Connect: It may be challenging to feel connected during the pandemic. Although you are likely social distancing from others, remember that we are relational beings and we need human connection. Be creative about connecting and checking in with others: call, video chat, text, email, send cards or care packages.
  • Reflect: We are all likely experiencing a range of emotional discomforts. The situation is new and unpredictable, which can be unsettling for most of us. We have all been asked to change our daily routines, modify our learning and working environments, and adapt our social relationships in significant ways. Journaling and engaging in mindfulness can be helpful in recognizing your responses to these changes while also creating an avenue to express yourself. During times of uncertainty, finding ways to maintain a self-care routine can help our minds and bodies cope.
  • Support: Remember to seek support when you need it, and to lend support to others when they need it. A simple act can let someone know you care. If you see someone is having a tough time during this pandemic, be open to supporting them while honoring your own boundaries. Supporting someone can include connecting them with the appropriate Wellness Resources.

Introducing Wellnest

Wellness at Penn has partnered with Wellnest to offer all students, faculty, postdocs and staff free access to their gamified mindfullness app, which features the following:

  • Guided Content: Wellnest’s content library offers relevant and niche topics to help you with social isolation, productivity, happiness, spirituality, and more.
  • Voice Journaling: Wellnest offers speech-to-text technology, improving the speed and quality of your journal entries. (You can also type too!)
  • Game Design: Earn Wellnest Gold for journaling, and spend it in the shop to customize your new journal!

You can download the Wellnest app on your iOS device or join Wellnest on their web-based app

Public Health Guidance

In an effort to keep everyone within the Penn community well, it is critical that we adhere to the recommended public health guidelines.