COVID-19 Dashboard

Campus Alert Level

The University of Pennsylvania is currently operating at Level 2: Heightened Awareness.

Key Findings:

  • Predominant transmission is household exposures from unvaccinated family members.
  • There continues to be no classroom transmission on campus.
  • There has been no workplace transmission on campus. 
  • All Quakers should remain committed to following public health guidance – including screening testing every other week.
  • The University continues to have a high vaccine compliance rate: 
    • 97% of our faculty and staff campus-wide are vaccinated. 
    • 96% of our entire student population are vaccinated. 
    • 99% of our undergraduate students are vaccinated. 

Our positivity rate of 0.36% remains below that of our surrounding communities. There continues to be no cases of widespread transmission on campus as Quakers continue to follow public health guidance.

Our multilayered mitigation strategies —vaccination, masking, testing, and contact tracing—continue to help prevent further exposure and spread in our community. Through the utilization of PennOpen Pass to report symptoms and exposures, we continue to limit the introduction of COVID-19 to campus. 

We are learning that co-existing with COVID-19 does not deter us from fulfilling our academic mission. Quakers must continue to remain vigilant and follow public health guidance to minimize any risk of transmission.

We all benefit when we do our part.







The University collects and shares aggregate results of faculty, postdocs, students, and staff who participate in the Penn Cares testing program. The data in the tables above represents fall 2021 semester participants starting August 8, 2021.

The Penn Cares COVID-19 response program is informed by the University’s profound respect for the impact its public health initiatives have on the health and safety of our friends, families, and neighbors.

  • COVID-19 testing includes asymptomatic screening of faculty, postdocs, students, and staff who are unvaccinated and/or have not provided their vaccination documentation. Data may also include results from optional screening testing made available to those on campus who are fully vaccinated. 
  • Diagnostic testing is performed on members of the University community who report symptoms or close contacts through PennOpen Pass.
  • Data in the results represents University-managed testing, primarily conducted on campus at the Tent at Du Bois (for both screening and symptomatic/close-contact individuals).
  • The weekly update of Sunday-through-Saturday results is published every Tuesday morning.
  • See also the Glossary of COVID-19 Terms, and access testing results of the 2021 summer semester, the 2021 spring semester, and the 2020 fall semester programs.

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