COVID-19 Dashboard


The University is collecting and sharing results of COVID-19 testing in the Penn community in this dashboard report.

The work behind this dashboard is informed by the University’s profound respect for the impact our public health initiatives will have on the health and safety of the Penn community and our friends, family, and neighbors. Going forward, the University will offer additional relevant information in this dashboard as programs and data capabilities evolve.


Testing Results at Penn’s Hall of Flags

Week Ending Total Tested Positive Results Positivity Rate
 8/8 769 0 0%
8/22 1451 9 0.62%
8/29 3905 33 0.85%
9/5 3943 26 0.66%
9/12 3029 76 2.51%
9/19 1768 23 1.30%

Data represent University-managed testing.

On September 14, 2020 the University began a transition period from the gateway testing program to the fall semester approach to testing.

Between August 1 and September 12, 2020, gateway testing was performed on 1) incoming and returning students and non-students, regardless of symptom status, living in College Houses, and 2) incoming and returning students, regardless of symptom status, who live off campus in the surrounding area and plan to regularly visit the campus. Total test data represent students and non-students.

Data are presented according to the date tests are administered. Some counts for the recent dates may not be complete but will be updated as results are received.


Previously Reported Broader Data

The data represent undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who have been tested by Student Health Service (SHS) or Penn Medicine, and those who have been tested elsewhere and self-reported to SHS.