Contact Campus Health if You Have Been Tested for COVID-19

Please let us know if you are being tested or if you tested positive for COVID-19 by calling Student Health (215-746-3535). This will help us assess the impact on our community.


Keeping our Campus Healthy and Safe

Following guidance from public health officials will not only help us flatten the curve in Philadelphia and elsewhere, but it will also help us protect our essential workers who are critical to our campus operations.


Stay Home. Stay Safe. And Be Kind to Yourself

This pandemic has created a pervasive sense of uncertainty. The psychological impact of COVID-19 is not insignificant: remember to take care of your mental health as well. Tips and resources can be found here.



Ways to Help

The Power of Penn campaign supporters can help Penn and Penn students during the COVID-19 pandemic through donations and other means in these areas of need: students, staff, healthcare, libraries.

Risk and Testing Guides from Wellness @ Penn

Learn about the symptoms of COVID-19, when to self-isolate, when to be tested and how to fold a bandana mask.