2021 Spring Semester Student Campus Compact

Data on Consequences of Campus Compact Violations

View consequences of violations of the Student Campus Compact (PDF) compiled by the Campus Compact Review Board, updated monthly.

During these challenging and unprecedented times, we, as members of the Penn family, have a shared responsibility to ensure the health and safety needs of our community, to the greatest extent possible, as we carry out the University’s core missions of education, research, and service. Therefore, Penn puts forth this Spring 2021 Campus Compact (the “Compact”) that outlines our behavioral expectations for all Penn students regardless of where you are living during the Spring 2021 semester. As always, the university is closely monitoring public health guidance and will communicate updates to the Compact as needed.

There are three core goals of this Compact:

  • To stress the importance that every student plays in the health and well-being of the Penn students, faculty, and staff, as well as the local West Philadelphia communities;
  • To clearly communicate the behavioral expectations of all students during the Spring 2021 semester;
  • To outline the possible consequences for violating this Compact.

By way of this Compact, as a Penn student, you agree to adhere to the expectations for physical distancing and public behavior detailed below. Violations of this Compact will be reviewed by the Compact Review Panel and may be forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary review and action per the Disciplinary Charter of the University of Pennsylvania. We expect all students to follow public health guidelines for wearing masks, physical distancing and hand washing. Penn has created many new services and safety nets to help keep the members of our community safe. Among these is PennOpen Pass, which is a daily symptom check program offering easy access to clinical advice and/or COVID19 testing.

University of Pennsylvania Spring 2021 Student Compact

I understand, as a member of the Penn community during the Spring 2021 semester, that we are stronger as a community when we all do our part to keep our campus safe.

I understand that the health and safety measures I am being asked to undertake are necessary to protect the health and safety of others in my community and beyond. I also understand that prior COVID-19 illness or vaccination against COVID-19 does not absolve me of following all public health guidance.

I agree to abide by all federal, state, city, and University of Pennsylvania directives, policies, protocols, and procedures related to COVID-19, and I agree to participate in any required testing and training.

I understand that violations of this Compact will be reviewed by the Compact Review Panel who will identify appropriate actions.

As a public health response group, the Panel is comprised of staff and faculty members with expertise in public health and student life. Any member of the Penn community may use this form to bring an alleged violation of the Compact to the panel for its review. Once a violation is reported to the Panel, possible next steps include:


  • A violation of the Compact may be handled directly by the Panel. In such cases, I understand that, should the panel determine that my behavior jeopardized the health and safety of others in the Penn community, I may receive a directive that restricts my participation in on-campus activities, prohibits/limits my access to campus buildings, and/or deactivates my PennCard for a period of time. In such cases, I agree to abide by these directives and understand that not doing so may result in disciplinary action by the Office of Student Conduct. I further understand that there is no appeal of the public health response determined by the Panel, as these decisions are being made to protect the health and safety of the community as a whole.
  • Upon its review, the Panel may determine that a violation of the Compact requires a disciplinary review by the Office of Student Conduct. In such cases, I understand that the Office of Student Conduct will determine whether or not disciplinary action is appropriate. When appropriate, I understand that disciplinary action may include a permanent disciplinary record and, that in the most serious of cases, a student could be suspended or expelled from the university. (More information can be found at https://www.osc.upenn.edu/)



  • To collaborate with Penn on daily wellness checks with the new PennOpen Pass program (pennopen.med.upenn.edu), monitoring for symptoms, and being tested as recommended by health professionals.
  • To cooperate with contact tracing efforts as part of my public service to protecting my fellow students and Penn community members.
  • To fully participate in the University’s testing protocols.
  • To comply with self-isolation and/or self-quarantine directives that result from testing outcomes and contact tracing efforts by the University or the City of Philadelphia.
  • To maintain appropriate (at least 6 feet) physical distance from others.
  • To wear a facial covering when I leave my place of residence.
  • To wash my hands frequently for at least 20 seconds or to use hand sanitizer throughout each day and before and after interactions with others.
  • To use alcohol-based disinfectant wipes provided throughout campus buildings to clean surfaces with which I come into contact, including but not limited to desks and seats in classrooms.
  • To be up-to-date on all vaccines.
  • To receive a flu shot.



  • To congregate only in designated outdoor and indoor areas of campus, wearing a facial covering, maintaining adequate physical distance, and complying with all signage.
  • To sit only in seats designated and clearly marked as available in classrooms and other campus buildings.
  • To follow procedures for entering and exiting classrooms and for entering and exiting rows of seating in classrooms, which will be clearly marked on signs in and around classrooms.
  • To follow procedures for entering and exiting campus buildings, which will be visible on signs near the entrances and exits of campus buildings.






  • To participate in student clubs, performing arts groups, intramural and club sports, and any other University-sponsored student life activity virtually unless otherwise given explicit approval by a Penn staff person to convene in person. In cases where explicit approval is in writing, I agree to observe the above-outlined safety protocols and guidelines of the university and the City of Philadelphia.
  • To refrain from organizing, hosting, or attending events, parties, or other social gatherings both on or off-campus that do not abide by the above-outlined safety protocols and guidelines of the university and the City of Philadelphia. Specific up to date City guidelines can be found on the City of Philadelphia website.
  • To acknowledge that drinking alcohol and using other drugs will increase my risk of engaging in risky behavior and/or needing medical treatment, including the increased risk of being exposed to higher-risk contact with others. Alcohol consumption and recreational drug use will not be considered an excuse for unauthorized risky COVID-19-related behavior.