Starting July 1, 2021 the University welcomes back visitors to campus. Unvaccinated individuals are required to mask indoors and outside.

PennOpen Pass is not required for University building access starting July 1, 2021 although individual buildings, schools, and centers may have other criteria for entrance.

Visitors should be reminded that they impact 37,000 Penn students, faculty, staff, and postdocs, as well as the surrounding West Philadelphia community.

Visitors are required to abide by guidance provided by the City of Philadelphia, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the Centers for Disease and Prevention Control, as well as public health guidance provided by the University. Public health guidance continues to evolve even with the loosening of mandates during the summer of 2021.

The University requests that visitors not come physically to campus if they feel ill, have been exposed to a case of COVID-19, or if they are not fully vaccinated.

The University does not ask for the vaccination status of any non-Penn individual who does not have access to the Student Health Service system or Workday@Penn.

Individual schools and centers manage their visitor experience and may establish other policies regarding mask use, physical distance, and eating/drinking by visitors inside their campus buildings.

Schools and centers may arrange for those who are regularly on campus – such as visiting students, visiting scholars, and other non-Penn individuals – to get PennKey credentials. In those cases, these individuals may enroll in PennOpen Pass to check for daily symptoms and exposure.

Those participating in summer sports camps on campus are not required to wear masks outdoors.