Information on Emergency Grant Assistance Fund

April 13, 2020

Penn has created the Penn COVID-19 Emergency Grant Assistance Fund to assist its regular full time or part time employees who, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, lack resources to pay personal, family, living, or funeral expenses.


For Penn employees:

If you are a regular full-time or part-time (non-seasonal or temporary) employee earning no more than $70,000 and are unable to meet these types of expenses because of COVID-19, you may apply to receive a tax free grant by completing and submitting the application found on the Workday@Penn site.

To apply:

1.    Log into Workday using your PennKey and password.

2.    Search for “Create Request” in the Workday search box and click “Create Request” in the search results.

3.    In the Request Type, navigate to “Emergency Covid-19 Grant Application”, or type “Emergency” and hit enter to find it quickly.  Click OK.

4.    Answer all questions on the application, including attaching any supporting documentation that may be necessary.

5.    Sign the application by typing the full legal name at the bottom of the application.

6.    Click Submit.



For Designated Penn Contractors:

If you are not a Penn employee but work for one of Penn's designated contractors, including Allied Universal, Aramark, Barnes & Noble College Bookstore, Bon Appetit, Hilton, Sheraton, or another contractor, please consult with your employer to determine if you are eligible for grant funds and how you should apply.


Last Updated 04/01/2020 - 10:27