Student Compliance with Testing

Thank you for your compliance with your assigned testing protocol and helping to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19. Compliance with testing requirements is automated through PennOpen Pass. The information below contains information on why you would receive a Red Pass for non-compliance and how to get back to Green Pass status.

FAQs for a Red Pass Due to Non-Compliance

  1. Who should enroll for screening testing?

    All University students participating in any on-campus activities are required to participate in the on-campus Penn Cares testing program. Expectations surrounding testing, collaboration with contact tracing efforts, compliance with isolation or quarantine recommendations, and adherence to public health guidance are further explained in the Student Campus Compact.

  2. What if I do not fulfill my required screening testing?

    Students who do not comply with enrollment or do not get tested in the past week will be issued a non-compliance Red Pass from PennOpen Pass.

  3. Why did I get a Red Pass that states I am not in compliance with screening tests?

    You receive a Red Pass from PennOpen Pass if you are non-compliant with your testing requirement and your test records indicate you do not a have a test result in the past week and do not have a scheduled test in the future.

  4. What happens when I have a non-compliance Red Pass?

    Until your PennOpen Pass clears from Red to Green for normal activities, you cannot access University or Penn Medicine buildings, although College Houses will admit residents with Red Passes. You cannot board Penn Transit. Until you once again have a Green Pass, you are requested to quarantine in your residence and avoid contact with others. You should also contact your manager, advisor, or chair.

  5. What action do I need to take if I have a non-compliance Red Pass?

    Please schedule your next test as soon as possible. Your PennOpen Red Pass for non-compliance is cleared within 24 hours after you schedule your next test. The Red Pass protects you and others in the University community from the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

  6. How may I be removed from testing compliance?

    Contact your school advising office to determine next steps.